You will experience some disruption if you live off the Enchantment Lakes on the West side of Cooper/Wayne (closest to the 50th gate) or if a frequent visitor to the Lifestyle Center pool and spa. PPM and the Board of Directors ask for your patience as these projects get underway and through completion. The disruption should be small, we hope and mostly visual for both projects.

Lakes – Bear Valley Water Features has started staging today at the lakes, bringing in equipment and supplies. After demo and re-build of the two lakes, electrical, irrigation, and landscape will go in. Plans attached for your review.

Lifestyle Center Restrooms – We are meeting with ORR Builders this week to finalize their staging and fencing to close off the construction area etc. The pool and spa will be accessible during construction. The 2-room restroom building is being constructed to the left as you enter the main pool gate at the LSC. Drawings attached for your review (#’s 1 & 2).

I will be managing both projects so please put any questions, concerns, comments in writing to me to sruegsegger@ppminternet.com and I will certainly share with the board and work to rectify any issues that arise during construction. We have already accomplished 3 lake rebuilds that turned out beautifully along with improvements to the Lifestyle Center grounds that the Board is certain add to the value of your home. These additional improvements will do that same.

Shelly Ruegsegger
Senior Community Association Manager

Click here to view Enchantment East and West Landscape Plan PDF
Enchantment East and West Lighting Plan PDF
Final Enchantment East and West Plans PDF
Enchantment Lakes East and West Google Maps PDF
LSC Restroom Plan Building View (PDF)