How (and Why) to Get More Involved in Your HOA

Many people go about their day-to-day without thinking much about the homeowner’s association that runs their community unless there is a problem. Even then, people don’t always step up to do something about it. Getting more involved in your HOA gives you the chance to make a positive difference and have your voice heard. You can become an integral part of keeping the neighborhood looking nice, boosting property value, and ensuring things are running smoothly.

How to Get Involved

Join a Committee: If you are looking to put your talents and interests to use, get involved with a committee. There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference by joining one of our HOA committees: Rules, Architectural, Lakes, Lifestyle Center or Communications.  Check out what our HOA has to offer and how you can best put your skills to use.

Join the Board: The most obvious way to get really involved is to join the board. You’ll be at the forefront of what is happening in the community and play an important role in making and implementing changes, upholding policies, and planning for the future of the neighborhood. While this can be a significant commitment, it can also be a very rewarding experience.

Share Ideas: Is there something you’d like to see changed in your community? Speak up and submit your idea to the board. Talk to other homeowners to get their input and generate support. You’re a member of the HOA, so your voice matters. Changes can’t happen unless the board knows there is an issue or homeowners share their thoughts or concerns.

Attend Board Meetings: Whether you do or do not join a committee, you should still be making it a priority to attend all announced public meetings.  HOA board meetings are a good place to express your thoughts and feelings about changes in the community.  Nothing makes their jobs easier than actually receiving feedback from homeowners.  Besides, if you have a problem, you should not assume that your job is done after bringing it up.  Attending meetings can keep you aware of changes, upgrades, renovations, and changes in rules that will be coming in your HOA. Our HOA posts meeting agendas so you can see the issues that will be presented.

If you’ve never attended an HOA meeting you may not understand the role that you, as a homeowner, play in making those decisions, then you just might change your mind and choose to attend a meeting.

Read more about attending Board Meetings.

Why to get involved

You can protect the community’s property values:  One of the key roles of the HOA is to help preserve the community’s property values by overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the individual units as well as the common areas. If the landscaping and common areas are well taken care of, then the properties are more likely to uphold and increase in their value.  Being involved in the HOA gives you more control over these types of decisions and therefore, more control over your home’s value.

Become a Volunteer
If you would like to consider volunteering on one of IPCCA’s Committees, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Application Form.