Frequently Asked Questions from Homeowners

Where do I send my HOA assessment payment for IPCCA?

IPCCA Monthly Assessments 

Please make checks payable to:
Indian Palms Country Club Association (IPCCA)

Mail payments to:

Pacific Western Bank 
C/O Personalized Property Management 
P.O. Box 512835 
Los Angeles, CA 90051 

NOTE: Please always reference your HOA Account Number on your payment

Pay Online (Personalized Property Management Website link:
You can pay your monthly IPCCA assessment online. Click here to set-up online payment option.

Submit a question about IPCCA HOA fees, your statement or about your monthly payment.
Account Related Questions Form

How to I register guests to enter at the main gate on Monroe St.?

Guest Passes & Guest Access

For more information about transponders and gate access, visit the IPMA (Indian Palms Master Association) website. 

How do I get access to the Lifestyle Center gym, main pool, tennis courts, etc.?
LifeStyle Center – The LSC is a small, privately owned club, owned by IPCCA (the big HOA), and paid for by members through their dues.  It includes a gym, salt water pool, and tennis, pickle ball and bocce courts; various classes are also offered (aquatics, yoga, pilates, etc.).  It is not available for use by non-members who are not authorized guests and membership is not automatic for all IPCCA or Indian Palm community residents.

LSC grounds are not HOA common areas, available for general public use.  Some IP homes include LSC membership in their deeds (“deeded members”), with LSC dues being a part of their HOA dues.  IP homeowners who are not deeded members can change their deed to include this membership or they may purchase an individual or family fee membership.  Fee memberships are available for various time periods – week, month, year, etc.  A deeded membership is permanent and LSC dues are charged year-around whether you use the facility or not, and it transfers to new owners when the property is sold.  Dues for deeded members include families and guests, with guests being defined as people staying overnight at member’s homes.  There are limits to the number of guests you can have at one time and the LSC is not available for private parties.  There are differences in prices and rules for deeded and fee members, particularly about guests and the transfer of memberships to renters.  Eligible guests of fee members must purchase their own fee membership to use the facility and fee memberships (unlike deeded memberships) may not be transferred to renters at this time.

Check with the LSC director or website if you have questions about what the LSC offers or about memberships – -760-342-6626.

How do I get a key to my mailbox?
Mail – Make sure you get a mailbox key for your residence when you buy or rent.  If you weren’t provided with a key, you will need to contact the Indio Post Office.  If a mailbox is under repair or otherwise inoperable, you may have to go the post office to get your mail.

Indio Post Office
45805 Fargo St, Indio, CA 92201
Tel. (800) 275-8777

How do I get keys to the IPCCA Pools?
IPCCA has three pools: The main pool at the Lifestyle Center and two satellite pools within the community.

IPCCA Homeowners can get a pool key and Prox Card (Membership Card) from the Lifestyle Center. Take a copy of your deed and get a Prox Card for $5.00. This is a card that is similar to a credit card and it will have your name and picture on it. The Pros Card will give you access to the gym and the main pool at that facility.

You can call the Lifestyle Center at 760-342-6626 or visit the Lifestyle Center website for more details.

Satellite Pools
One is located on the corner of Delano and Quinn and the other pool is on the corner of Cochran and Truman. The two satellite pools require an actual key (Member Card/Prox Card only works at Main Pool by the Lifestyle Center).  You can pick up a pool key at the Lifestyle Center . Again take a copy of your deed to show you are an IPCCA homeowner.

What utility companies service Indian Palms Country Club homes?

Imperial Irrigation District (IID –electricity) – 760-303-7756,
Indio Water Authority (IWA – water) – 760-391-4038,
SoCalGas (natural gas) – 800-427-2200,

What day does the garbage get picked up?
Garbage – Burrtec is the waste contractor for this community.  Normal pick up of both regular garbage and recycling bins is on Mondays.  Pick up times vary from week to week and location to location, and can begin very early in the morning.

If stored outside of your garage, trash cans must not be visible from the street. Trash and recycling may be set out at the curb 24 hours before pickup day (currently Monday). Return trash cans and recycling bins to their storage location with 12 hours of pickup.

Note: IPCCA requires garbage bins be stored in an area “not visible from the street” If you have an open wrought iron gate to your side yard area, consider installing a metal screen on the gate to hide the area so you can leave your trash cans there.

Burrtec also has a large item pick up service (fridges, old toilets, couches, etc.), but you need to call them to arrange this.  Large-item pick up will not happen if you just put the items by the street.  They need to arrange for a special large-item truck and crew to come.  HOA rules for when you can put garbage out on the street also apply to large items.  If you need an exception to this rule for some reason, talk to a board member or your property manager ahead of time.

Burrtec Contact Information

Customer Service 760-393-0635 or

What cable and TV services are available in Indian Palms Country Club?
Various companies provide TV cable, internet and phone services.  Among them are Spectrum, FIOS, and Direct TV.  Google to get specific information on various vendors and services that are available.    Installing a satellite dish on the outside of your home may require approval from your HOA.
How many Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are inside Indian Palms County Club?

The Indian Palms Community was originally developed many years ago, in bits and pieces, at different times and with different developers and HOAs.  It was not an overall “planned development” from the git go!  Part of its charm, in some respects!

There are three major entities in the Indian Palms (IP) community, plus two other smaller entities (the Vacation Club and Intervals – rentals and time share).  See the attached Indian Palms Community Map.

Indian Palms HOAs – see the attached list for contact information on the various HOAs. There are a total of about 2300 homes in 17 different HOAs.  IPCCA is the largest HOA, with 1100+ homes; some HOAs have just a handful of units.

18 Separate Home Owners Associations (HOAs) –The attached Indian Palms Map shows the approximate boundaries of each of the HOAs and some other features of the community. Among other things, you can use this map to find out which HOA you are in, where the four gates are located, and as a general guide to getting around the area.

Indian Palms Country Club (The Resort) (3 nine-hole golf courses, a hotel, a bar/restaurant (Hangar 19), and meeting or private function facilities (Palm Terrace Room and Celebrity House). The Resort also owns the main gate security building at Monroe and Country Club and the road from that gate to the main Resort facilities.  The Resort is a completely separate entity from the HOAs and IPCA, and the golf course is not part of the common area of any HOA.   Think of it as a private yard, available to play golf on if you pay the greens fees.  Comments and questions about the Resort should be directed to the Resort at 760-775-4444 or visit

Indian Palms Master Association– IPMA is responsible for staffing and operating the security gates and some street and exterior landscape maintenance.  You should advise Gate Security when you move in – they will need to see your deed, lease, or utility bill, etc., and info about your vehicle(s) to put you on their records as an authorized resident.  Also let them know about expected guests – call 760-863-4161 or use the on-line guest registration system available on the IPMA website.   Current IPMA dues are $39/month and are paid by all homeowners in the IP community.  IPMA is not a HOA, it is a LLC (limited liability corporation), managed by Personalized Property Management (PPM). See contact information below.

There are four gates to IP – on Monroe, 48th, Jackson, and 50th, plus a pedestrian gate by the Jackson vehicle gate.   Check the attached map for specific gate locations.  The main gate on Monroe is staffed, and all other gates require a transponder or smart phone app to enter or exit.  There are also certain IPMA requirements about contractor access (permitted times, which gates must be used, transponder requirements, etc.).   There are IPMA board meetings and elections, similar to HOAs.  Personalized Property Management will have information on this.  We urge people to go to IPMA meetings and consider volunteering to serve on its board.

Personalized Property Management (PPM)
68950 Adelina Road
Cathedral City, California 92234
760.325.9500 / 760.325.9300 fax
PPM Website

Senior Community Association Manager:
Shelly Ruegsegger, CMCA

Community Assistant Manager:
Nick Evans

IPMA (Indian Palms Master Association) is a separate LLC, whose main responsibility is gate security; IPCCA (Indian Palms Country Club Association) is the largest HOA.  It is easy to confuse the two, but they are separate entities. Both are management by PPM.

An important noteCall 911 right away if you have an urgent security issue or feel there is criminal activity going on.  IPCA handles gate security and issues passes to authorized guests for entering the community.  Front gate security staff are not a substitute for the police.  The main gate entrance pass does not authorize overnight street parking in residential areas – that is handled by individual HOAs.  Some HOAs prohibit all overnight street parking.

View map in PDF.

Which HOA or entity is responsible for the main gate fountain and landscaping?
Indian Palms Master Association (IPMA) owns the property where the main gate is located.  They are responsible for maintaining the fountain and landscaping at the Main Entrance on Monroe St.  For questions about the Main Gate fountain and landscaping, please contact:

Indian Palms Master Association (IPMA)
Professionally managed by:

Personalized Property Management (PPM)
68950 Adelina Road
Cathedral City, California 92234
760.325.9500 / 760.325.9300 fax
PPM Website

Senior Community Association Manager:
Shelly Ruegsegger, CMCA

Community Assistant Manager:
Nick Evans

Exterior Landscape – this covers areas outside the walls.  Responsibility for maintenance of these areas can change over time, as different arrangements are made.  Direct questions or complaints to the right property owner.  As of now (4/1/22), this is how we understand things are set up:

  • Front entrance area, including the island along Country Club Drive – responsibility of IPMA
  • Hotel, golf course, restaurant/bar, and gardens around the Palm Terrace Room and Celebrity House – responsibility of the Resort.
  • Area from the north side of the Monroe gate to 48th and Monroe – IPMA
  • 48th after Monroe corner to Jackson, then south on Jackson to the end of the Intervals time share area – IPMA
  • On Jackson from the south boundary of the Intervals to 50th, 50th to Monroe, Monroe to the north end of the LifeStyle Center property – IPMA
  • On Monroe, from the north end of the LifeStyle Center to the south side of Country Club – IPMA


Why is traffic so congested at the Main Gate on Monroe St.?
Main Gate – There are problems with the front gate design and location. These can be especially noticeable during the holidays and festivals, when traffic stacks up and it takes a while to get in and out of IP.  There are many entities involved in making front gate changes – the City of Indio if city streets, traffic lights, access permits, etc. are involved, the Resort, the various HOAs, IPCA and gate security.  It is not simple or easy, and fixing the problem will probably be expensive – it is doubtful the present $30/month IPCA fee will cover it.  Deciding who should pay for what is not straight forward.  Many ideas have been proposed over the years, but there are still improvements to be made.


How can I volunteer on one of the IPCCA Committees?
Become a Volunteer
To learn more about “How to Get Involved” click here.
If you would like to consider volunteering on one of IPCCA’s Committees, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Application Form.
Who is responsible for the common area landscaping and maintenance?

Common area landscaping is taken care of by Vintage Landscaping, a vendor contracted by IPCCA.

Use this form to submit an issue or maintenance request.

Responsibility for landscaping on individual properties varies from home to home depending on which development you are in and what the HOA fees include.  Know whether the yard around your home is your property or HOA common area.  Make sure you understand what is done by whom for your particular home – is it front and back yards, front only, or nothing; does it include scalping and reseeding, tree and shrub pruning, grass mowing, desert scape blowing, irrigation system checks and repairs, irrigation equipment (controllers, heads, lines, etc.) or not.

Landscaping provided by an HOA is generally for commercial grade service.  This is different from individualized service, where you can request a “fine gardening” level of care and extra help as needed.  If you want extra or individualized service, you should probably do it yourself or arrange for your own private gardening help.  This includes disposing of yard waste you might have from your own gardening efforts.  Buy those large trash bags at Costco, fill them up, and put them out with your other trash on Monday!

If you have a problem with the landscaping being done, talk to your Board or the property manager.  They need to know what is going on, and should be the ones to talk to the landscape company.  Please do not be unpleasant to the individual workers because you have a complaint. 

HOAs are also required to charge all homeowners for the maintenance of common areas (such as pools and lakes, and gate entrances), and allow all their homeowners to access these areas.  (Note:  Some common areas are not generally accessible because of terrain issues.)  Access to common areas may be curtailed for safety or maintenance reasons, but purposeful restriction of access for some but not all HOA members because adjacent homeowners want more privacy is not allowed.

Report a Maintenance Issue
Be specific when reporting a problem – things will get fixed more quickly if you say “there is a broken street light in front of 12345 Odlum, light pole number XXXX,” vs. “there is a broken street light on Odlum.”  If there is an urgent maintenance problem (broken sprinkler head, an overflowing water feature, a growing pothole), 24-hour line right away.   If there is a true emergency (gas leak, fire, dangerous sinkhole, boken water main), call 911 or the appropriate utility immediately.

If you require a work order for maintenance by one of the IPCCA/HOAs Vendors, please contact Mark See.

Use this form to submit an issue or maintenance request.

Maintenance Manager
Mark See
Personalized Property Management
Tel 760-325-9500

What architectural changes require approval from the IPCCA Board of Directors?
Before making changes to landscaping, paint, patios, fences or other architectural features at your home, please read the architectural guidelines for IPCCA.
Does IPCCA include landscaping services in my HOA fees?
Most homes in IPCCA have landscaping included in their monthly assessment.  This varies between developments within IPCCA.  Some do not include landscaping.

If your home resides in a development that includes Landscaping for your front and /or back yard, there will be a separate line item on your monthly statement. Development Name + Landscape.

All homes in IPCCA pay for common area landscaping and maintenance.  This will appear as “Landscape Common Area”  on your monthly HOA assessment statement.