Why Attend the HOA Board Meetings

If you’re not a part of the board, it can be easy to brush off regular HOA meetings or even the annual meeting. Afterall, you’re not the one making decisions or responsible for the overall management of the association. However, members can influence decision making and should take a vested interest in what is happening in their community.

The next time you get a meeting notification, here are a few reasons why you should consider marking it on your calendar and attending.

  1. Stay Informed
    By attending HOA meetings, you’re able to hear the discussions, recommendations, and concerns first-hand. You can learn more about how and why decisions were made and what is in the works for the future.
  2. Get Involved
    There is often a portion of time devoted to allowing members to speak at meetings. This is a great opportunity to make your voice heard if there is something you have questions about or want to share regarding what is happening in the community. In addition, you can learn more about ways that you can get involved through volunteering and committees. Put your talents to use and make a positive difference in the neighborhood by supporting the HOA.
  3. Vote
    Voting for the Board of Directors and issues by mail or in person is your right.  The annual meeting is when many decisions are made, and issues are voted on. It’s your chance to have input on how the association is run, the budget, and what projects or plans are set for the future. This is also when new board members are elected and announced, so you’ll want to be there to see who is elected to lead the HOA.
  4. Understand Community Management
    You pay dues every year, but do you know how that money is being spent? Do you know why the HOA had to increase fees? By attending meetings, you can gain more insight into exactly what decisions are being made and how the community is being managed.
  5. Meet People
    Meetings bring everyone together and can allow you to introduce yourself to neighbors and other members you may not see very often. You can see who is concerned about what issues or has recommendations for changes. If it’s something you’re interested in as well, you can work together toward researching the matter and gaining buy-in from others.
    Take the time to get involved in your community and understand what is happening and why. Rather than sitting back and assuming others will speak up or are doing the right thing, attend meetings and see for yourself. Find out how you can play a more active role in improving the neighborhood.

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