The Board of Directors has approved new concrete and pavers in front of the main pool gate at the Lifestyle Center, both sides of the entrance gate, about 2000 square feet. This work will commence Thursday, June 23, 2022, by Vantage Point Construction. The contractors will create a path for you to walk around them to the gate by the spa for access to the pool area.

Golf carts will need to park in the golf cart parking area on the left as you enter the walkway from the parking lot during construction. No parking on the grass or up by the construction.

Please be respectful of the contractors and their time there. This improvement is for the benefit of all. The Board is certain that all will be pleased with the outcome. If any questions or comments, please contact Shelly or Nick at PPM. Thank you.

Senior Community Association Manager:
Shelly Ruegsegger, CMCA

Community Assistant Manager:
Nick Evans