We are continuing to update the security access platform for Indian Palms and for the most part, things have been going as planned. Yesterday we recorded over 5,000 successful entries into the property using vehicle mounted credentials or the Proptia mobile phone app. In contrast there was about 200 instances where entry was denied.  However, within the denials, we have noticed that some of them should have been granted access and we would like your help in identifying and fixing those devices.

For those with Vehicle Mounted Transponders

When we made the change from our old technology, we provided our new provider with the specifications for the vehicle mounted devices that were currently being used.  It now appears that there were a number of legacy and “non-standard” transponders in use without our knowledge.  Fixing this is easy, but we need to identify those devices.  If you have been experiencing erratic entry (or complete denial) with a vehicle mounted device at any of the gates, would you please take a picture of your transponder and email it to contact@indianpalmsma.com.

This will give us the information we need to reprogram the system, or if necessary, we will issue a new transponder at no cost.

For those with Mobile Phone Access

We have been converting everybody who had existing phone access credentials to the new Proptia system (at no cost).  When that is done properly, everything works as it should (in fact we have reports that the new system is better than the old system).But we continue to see a significant number of users trying to use the phone app from the old system.  That will not work, and the system will just not grant entry using that credential.  If you have the old phone app and have not upgraded it, or did not receive the email with details on how to upgrade, please email us at contact@indianpalmsma.com and we will set you up with the new system.

Thank-you for your patience as we work through these issues.

The Board of IPMA