September 22, 2023 

Presidents Message… 

New Burrtec Waste Containers 

IPCCA’s Rules & Regulations require garbage containers to be stored out of sight of the street; “stored where they are not publicly visible.” 

(R&Rs attached). 

We understand some seasonal homeowners may not be able to put their garbage cans away after the initial drop off of the new containers from Burrtec. However, the Board of Directors is requiring that if you have not been here since drop off, that you find a neighbor, friend, housekeeper, house manager, someone to put them away for you and out of sight. We feel, leaving cans visible is a red flag that there is nobody home. Also, our streets look unsightly with cans everywhere. 

The Board of Directors discussed this at their meeting on 9.19.23 and approved giving homeowners the deadline of October 6, 2023, to have your cans put away and out of public view or you will be called into a hearing and possibly fined. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t require the larger containers, Burrtec will exchange for smaller ones. You can call them at 760-340-2113. 


Lynn Schaan
Board President 

For the Board of Directors – IPCCA 

Click here to view R & R’s in PDF format.