IMPORTANT POINTS FROM THE 10/2/20 BOARD MEETINGS AND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Special Executive and Regular Sessions – Agendas Posted with 4 days Notice Given)

The minutes will be posted on the website soon (, but I thought a brief summary of changes planned at the Lifestyle Center (LSC) might be helpful at this point.

The Board also considered the possibility of increased general security patrols – please see the regular meeting minutes for our initial thoughts on this.

We did get some comments on why we were holding a meeting during regular working hours. To be honest, it was pulled together at the last minute when the pandemic emergency status changed. We felt we had to act quickly and post updated notices. We already had the framework in place to open the full facilities but we had some last minute kinks to work out and we appreciate all the valuable input we received. I think that was the most homeowners we have ever had on a Zoom meeting. The regular monthly meeting will be at the usual time and date – the next one is scheduled for 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, via Zoom. Check the website and the phone app for details closer to the meeting date.

With the change in Riverside County’s pandemic emergency status from purple to red, the Board is very pleased to be able to offer the resumption of some limited Lifestyle Center activities. Helen McCornock, LSC Director, Joanie Thomson and the LSC Committee members, and Deb Kaczmarski, our aquatics class instructor, have worked with Shelly Ruegsegger and the Board to develop the specifics for this. The following is an overview of our current plans – check the website for more information.

Limited reopening of the Fitness Center, effective 10/7/20

  • Hours of operation will be limited because of the need for extra staff to handle proper observance of public health guidelines. Monday – Friday, the gym will be open from 6 am to noon, closed from noon to 4 pm, and open from 4-7 pm. Saturday hours will be from 7 am – noon, with the last reservation at 11 am. The gym will be closed on Sunday.
  • Inside gym activities will be limited to 3 members at a time, for a 45-minute session, reservations required and booked out in hour long intervals.
  • Members will also be able to check out small gym equipment (mats, small weights, etc.) for use outside. Large equipment (bikes, heavy weight equipment, etc.) will not be available for check out. The check-out program will be limited to 5 members at a time, again for a 45-minute session, reservations required and booked out in hour long intervals.
  • People checking out equipment will be asked to leave their driver’s license and LSC card at the gym – these will be returned when the equipment is returned.
  • Check the website for other details, especially particulars on how to make reservations.
  • This program is limited to members only, no guests, and membership status will be verified whenmaking reservations, checking out equipment and using the gym. People should wear appropriate face coverings when not actively exercising, and observe social distancing guidelines and proper disinfecting procedures. Appointments for equipment check-out and gym use will be staggered to accommodate schedules for sanitizing between users.
  • Gyms are now allowed to reopen at 10% occupancy. Because of the small size of our indoor facilities, we are not able to offer indoor classes at this time.

Note: The LSC has new smart TVs and now can offer Peloton video instruction in the aerobics room. It will also be possible for members to use their personal video training tapes or apps on the TV in the aerobics room.

Resumption of Aquatics class, effective 10/7/20

  • The class will be limited to 15 LSC members only, plus the instructor. No guests. First come, first served, no reservations.
  • The class will be held Monday – Friday, starting at 8 am.
  • Members may enter the pool area and register for that day’s class starting at 7:30 am. Which will include taking temperatures and signing in. The class will be closed to additional students when 15 people have registered and the pool area will be reserved for class participants only while the class is being held. Members must show their LSC card to register and bring their own exercise equipment (noodles, etc.).
  • Appropriate face coverings and social distancing guidelines should be maintained when waiting to register and when in the pool area. Masks will not be required in the pool itself. Proper social distancing should also be maintained in the pool.
  • We ask that class participants arrive in time to allow registration before the class begins at 8 am. We also ask class participants to vacate the pool area promptly when class is over to facilitate any required sanitizing and to make room for others to use the facility.LSC staff will verify that members have a current signed release on file before using the gym, checking out equipment, or registering for the aquatics class. This is Phase I – the board will see how things go with feedback from Management and make changes as appropriate. We want these programs to be available to as broad a group of members as possible and will make adjustments to our reservation and sign-up procedures as needed to accomplish this goal. We will also be keeping detailed attendance records at the gym and for the aquatics class in order to facilitate prompt and accurate contact tracing if requested by the public health authorities.

    PLEASE, give us constructive input and opinions. Any mistreatment of the staff will be grounds for suspension of use of the facility. This will be a learning curve for all of us, and your cooperation is appreciated.

    Thanks again to Helen, Shelly, Joanie and the Lifestyle Center Committee members, and Deb for their work on this. We are so pleased to be able to resume some LSC gym usage and the aquatics class! I know all of you will do your best to make Phase I of the LSC reopening a success, whether at the courts, the gym, or the pool. We need everyone’s help to be able to go on to the next reopening phase with more broadly expanded LSC activities.

    Maggie Stern, President IPCCA STAY SAFE!! 10.5.20