2/17/21 IPCCA Board Meetings 

I want to remind everyone that our annual meeting is on 3/30/21 via Zoom. Be on the lookout for the ballot package which will be in the mail to all homeowners shortly. There are three candidates for two Board positions this year. Our next regular meeting is on Zoom as well and is at 5:00 pm on 4/20/21. Details on logging into both these meetings will be posted on our website ( 

We had productive executive and regular meetings. Here are some highlights: 

  • We have arranged for some landscape improvements at the common area near Freeman and Burnett. We will be adding a retaining wall on the south side of this retention basin and some additional shrubs and palm trees. Expect this work to start mid March. 
  • Patrol Masters has begun to check on rules violations as well as continuing to monitor overnight street parking and to provide other general security services. Please email Caren Oliva at PPM 760-325-9500 or ( if you notice any rules violations problems you want addressed. Caren will work with the resident to resolve the issue. Also let Caren know if the problem continues more than 2-3 weeks after you report it and also let her know if the problem is resolved. She loves to get good news!!
  • We have looked into whether the HOA can require pool fencing under applicable City and County ordinances. We cannot require fencing, although we strongly recommend it. However, the A&L Committee will require an indemnification of the HOA from any liability arising from an unfenced pool as part of the application process to build an unfenced pool. Specifics on this are being worked out by our legal counsel.
  • Political signage and other displays are permitted around election time, although they must comply with general size and other limitations. We ask that these be displayed during the participation. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Security cameras are being installed at our satellite pools and will be operational shortly, probably by 2/18/21. They are not continuously monitored, but content can be seen on demand by HOA staff and will provide a record of activity at these pools should the need arise. In short, they are for recording incidents that happen afterward, not policing the pool area for issues 24/7.
  • Please be aware of City of Indio requirements for short-term rentals. These include licensing, limitations on noise, partying, length of stay, vacancy periods, required cleaning before new renters can occupy the residence, and so on. Google “Indio, CA Code Enforcement” to see the requirements in detail. Continuing Issues with non-compliance should be reported to Caren at PPM, but we suggest calling Indio Police Department Code Enforcement (760-391-4123) or the Police if prompt corrective action is needed.
  • The emergency repair and rebuild of Fields 3 lake is close to completion. All permits have been obtained and required inspections passed. We are in the process of filling the lakes (this takes many days) and then will be testing the water features, pumps, etc. Landscaping and low voltage lighting are being completed now. Completion date is mid March. We hope to have a video tour/drone of the area when it is completed that we can post on the website so all can see what was done. We are continuing to repair other water features throughout the HOA (we have 18 lakes but only about 14 with major repairs to do) to take care of leakage problems and other needed repairs. Many of these lakes have reached the age where things have to be fixed.
  • Many developments are in the works at the Lifestyle Center to include:o Work on the plans for new pool area restrooms is continuing. We are waiting on the City of Indio to give us the green light on the engineered plans to go out to bid. We hope to have the green light by 2/19/21.

    o We are working with Mel Elliott to video stream his spin classes to our members. Look for more information soon on the IPCCA website.

    o Shelly is getting bids on needed maintenance of the gym interior – repainting, new flooring and new countertops. It has been about six years since any of this has been done and it is time.

    o There will be some improvements to the tennis facilities: Spikes for bird control on the court lights; a gate between Courts 3 and 4; looking into a ball machine and a backboard to facilitate practice and encourage new players.

    o We are also actively looking into options for updating the gym equipment, including questions of purchasing or leasing. The “white” weight equipment is particularly in need of replacement as it is very old and parts are difficult to get. The treadmills, bikes, and so on are newer.

    o The LSC Committee is reviewing existing membership policies and will be making recommendations to the Board about possible changes.

    o We want to assure our LSC members that we are working hard to be ready for a smooth and prompt reopening when COVID restrictions are relaxed. As I write this report, Riverside County is still in the “purple” emergency phase where indoor gym activity and non-socially distanced gatherings of people from different households are generally not permitted. However, we hope we will return to the “red” emergency phase before long where gyms are permitted to open with some restrictions. We expect to follow similar procedures as we did during the prior red phase (reservations, limited people at one time, extra cleaning, etc.), but we will have to see the specifics of the new red phase. They may not be exactly the same as before. One of our priorities is to resume the aquatics class as we did during the previous red phase. That class is very popular, is outside, and lends itself to social distancing and other health precautions. We do not plan to resume outside workouts with check-outs of gym equipment at this time. There was very little interest in this option when we tried it before.

I hope this information is of interest to all of you. Thanks, stay safe, and remember the annual meeting on 3/30/21. And VOTE in the Board of Directors election – ballots will be in your mail soon. 

Maggie Stern, President, IPCCA Board – 2/17/21 

For the IPCCA Board of Directors