April 12, 2023

Good day IPCCA homeowners and Happy Spring!

Best wishes, a happy retirement from board duties and a big thank you to our outgoing president Matt Cutugno and vice-president Elke Botta. The many hours of volunteer time are much appreciated. Thank you for your mentorship this past year. Enjoy your extra freetime!

I am happy to announce that Lynn Abrahamson has joined our board of directors by acclamation. I encourage each one of you to consider taking a role on the board of directors in future elections. I am grateful for both remaining board members. Bob Spielberger who has taken on the role of vice president and Sandy Stewart who remains as treasurer.

As of March 29th, I have assumed the role of your IPCCA president and look forward to serving you. This year the board plans to carry on the good work of the previous boards and bring some new ideas and projects to the community. I encourage everyone to embrace your community and to attend as many board meetings as you can. Thenext one is April 18, 2023, at 5 pm via Zoom. You can find the link on our website at IPCCA-hoa.com and on the agenda which is emailed out if PPM has your email on file in Vantaca. I plan to retain the two homeowners open forums so please try to attend.

The great improvements at the Lifestyle Center continue this year and as everyone can see they have certainly improved the esthetics and the functionality of the whole center. The new shade areas offer the members many opportunities to enjoy the area year-round now. Updates and any future planning will be available at the next board meeting.

The board is getting ready to start two more projects, the new bathrooms in the pool area at the Lifestyle Center and the Enchantment Lake re-build. The lake project will commence May 1 with the bathrooms, around July. There is a lot of planning and groundwork to do on both and we are working with PPM and the contractors to make both projects go as smoothlyas possible. 

I will do updates and information posts on social media through the Indian Palms groups as well as through email and the website. Social media is a great venue for many things. I encourage homeowners to attend the meetings with their questions, concerns, congratulations, and encouragement as this board will not use social media as a place to debate issues. We have two homeowner forum sessions at every board meeting. Concerns can also be sent in writing ahead of the meetings to “The Board of Directors, C/O PPM” via Shelly, or Nick at PPM. They will make sure we receive them. 

Thank you for your support this past year. I look forward to serving the homeowners in this wonderful community I call my winter home.

Have a wonderful day.


Lynn Schaan

IPCCA President