In recent months, our community has seen ever increasing problems relating to trash. On any given Monday morning, one might well be appalled at the sight of either mounds of trash carelessly presented for pickup, or loose items of garbage blown down the street by our strong desert winds. This ongoing situation is unacceptable, and your Board is taking strong and appropriate action against transgressions. The Rules and Regulations of IPCCA and ordinances of the City of Indio empower the Board to fine violators after due process. Further, fines can increase exponentially if corrective action is not taken. 

Please use sizable trash cans (preferably with covers) and/or full-sized contractor bags. Again, if you leave any trash on the curb (i.e., empty pizza boxes) that can blow away, that is a violation. Your neighbors will appreciate your diligence in containing your trash appropriately. Also, be aware that garbage can be put out for collection no more than 12 hours before pickup, and empty trash cans must be put away no later than 12 hours after collection. 

Indian Palms remains a welcoming community but rules guaranteeing the enjoyment of our homes will be enforced in full measure. 

Matt Cutugno – For the Board of Directors – IPCCA