The board of directors is carrying on phase 2 of the construction defect lake re-building project that is predicted to take about 10 years to complete (10 phases). Last year, Fields 3 (phase 1) was done which is located off Lewis Road between Field Lane and Redford Way.

Phase 2 will encompass doing two lakes, Royal Vista, and Reflections. We have attached a map showing where these two lake areas are located. Also attached are the existing lake drawings for each, and the new lake drawings along with the proposed landscape plans. The work is to start mid-October and will include new lakes, new electrical, and new lighting. It should take about 3 months to complete assuming there are no issues that arise.

Please be patient with us as we know you will love the end result. If you haven’t seen Fields 3, go take a walk around. Remember, all common areas are paid for by all owners in IPCCA no matter where you live so you are welcome to visit all of them.

Thank you,

Board of Directors