President’s Report – IPCCA Board Meeting 10/15/19


Welcome – it is so nice to have cooler weather and to see the reseeding underway! Here are a few updates on things we are doing:

  •   There has been an increase in the number of new homes being built. The Board will be visiting the new homes near Beatty at the end of the week to look over that development. We have also received inquiries about the common area landscaping, particularly about the retention basin affectionately known as The Pit by the neighbors. More on this later.
  •   The 2020 budget is front and center now. Greg Embury, our Treasurer, and I will be meeting with Shelly soon to go over the numbers in detail. As always, we will try to balance the needs to keep dues down while still paying for essential and desirable services, as well as allocating dues fairly among our various cost centers. The final budget will be mailed out to the community by November 30, 2019.
  •   The upgrade of the exterior landscape continues along 50th. We are now approaching the season where new plants can be put in and have been doing the prep work (irrigation system, landscape fabric, etc.) for that part of the project.
  •   The Lakes project is also continuing. Our first priority is the emergency repairs on Fields 3, and we are close to having the plans and drawings ready for the Town Hall meeting we want to hold with affected homeowners. More on this as soon as we are able to schedule this meeting.
  •   We have decided to return to the 2 week rotation for summer plant and shrub trimming on home lots (starting March 1) because of the accelerated growth in the hot season. (The usual rotation had been 3 weeks year around.) We tried the 2 week rotation in 2018 and then returned to the year around 3 week rotation last year. The change for 2020 is in response to homeowner requests.
  •   Court resurfacing is almost completed at the LSC. We had issues with the initial resurfacing on Court 2 (pickle ball), and the contractor will address the problems as soon as more court paint is received from his supplier. We are trying to work around the time of the national pickle ball tournament at Indian Wells when there is increased demand for these courts.
  •   The Delano satellite pool re-plastering and general maintenance is done, and the pool will open tomorrow. Hooray!! Next and last, we will move on to the LSC pool and spa.
  •   We will be expanding the parking patrol information on our website ( to include more information on general Patrol Masters activities, security issues that may arise, rule changes for holidays or festivals, and other general information we feel might be helpful to the community.Thanks for your support. Involved homeowners make this a better place!