December 14, 2022 – Original / January 11, 2023 – Amended 


Send to the Association no later than January 13, 2023 (“nomination deadline”). * 

The Annual Meeting of the Members of Indian Palms Country Club Association will be held on March 29, 2023. Two (2) seats are up for election and the Association is seeking candidates who wish to self-nominate and have their names placed on the ballot. 

The Board may hold a “Meet the Candidates Night” in which all candidates will give an oral statement of their qualifications of no longer than five (5) minutes per candidate. Questions may also be directed to any candidate by the Members present at the meeting. The candidates are not required to attend the Meet the Candidates Night, to make a statement, or to answer questions, but are encouraged to do so. The Association manager, Director not up for election, or an Inspector of Elections may moderate the event. The Board of Directors may hold the Meet the Candidates Night at or during a Board meeting. You will be notified later with the date for this meeting. 

The eligibility requirements to self-nominate are as follows: Must be an owner of a lot and current on your due’s payments, must be the only member of the lot running for election and must have no prior criminal convictions (felonies). If you believe you are eligible and have interest in serving on the Board, please submit a self-nomination statement in the form of a biography about yourself and your goals while being a Board member. 

You should submit your self-nomination statement to: 

Indian Palms Country Club Association 
c/o Personalized Property Management 
68950 Adelina Road 
Cathedral City, CA 92234 
Fax: 760/364-6039 

The Board is also seeking District Delegates (11) and Inspector of Elections (1 or 3) to help serve at the annual meeting with the counting of votes, etc. If interested in one of these positions, please email your interest to the Senior Community Manager, Shelly Ruegsegger by email to the address above, no later than January 11, 2023. 

* (The Association shall not disqualify a person from nomination, unless that person has been provided an opportunity to engage in Internal Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) consistent with the Association’s IDR Policy (or, if the Association has not adopted an IDR Policy, in accordance with the internal dispute resolution default policy set forth in Civil Code §5915). 

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