14 Day Short Term Rental Ballot Measure
2022 Festival Rentals & Parking

In November 2021, the IPCCA Board of Directors voted to place on the 2022 Annual Membership Meeting Ballot, the proposed 14-day minimum rental rule. The Annual Meeting is March 29, 2022, so at the time of this posting, we are unaware of how the voting will turn out. Current owners should research Civil Code 4740. It states that current owners are “grandfathered” from the 14-day minimum. It will only affect new purchases after March 29, 2022, if the above ballot measure passes. See part of 4740 below:

“An owner of a separate interest in a common interest development shall not be subject to a provision in a governing document or an amendment to a governing document that prohibits the rental or leasing of any of the separate interests in that common interest development to a renter, lessee, or tenant unless that governing document, or amendment thereto, was effective prior to the date the owner acquired title to their separate interest.”

If the Ballot measure passes, the Board voted to suspend the 14-day minimum during the three Festival weekends in April of 2022. Coachella starts April 15 & 22, and Stagecoach, April 29. This means there is no minimum rental period for those three weekends.

Also, during the festivals, the parking patrol will be in place for parties, security issues, drinking at the pools, rowdy behavior, and trespassing, to name a few. The current rule of no parking on the streets from 1:00am – 6:00am will be suspended and the following will be allowed:

  1. From 12:01am on Thursday morning to Monday morning at 6:00am, the parking enforcement will cease; however, towing will be done during these three weekends to resolve safety issues, blocking fire lanes etc.

Please be advised, any “bad behavior” will be enforced, meaning, with proof to the Board the owner will be called to a hearing to discuss the matters. This may result in fines to the owner so please share the Rules & Regulations with your guests. You can find them on the website.

The website address is IPCCA-hoa.com for copies of the current Rules & Regulations, the City of Indio new STR Ordinances, Fine & Enforcement Policy, and other general information.

For any questions, email or call Shelly or Nick at PPM.

Thank you,
Board of Directors – IPCCA