President’s Report – IPCCA – Maggie Stern
Zoom Video Conferencing Regular Session Meeting – May 19, 2020

Welcome to all who are attending this Board meeting electronically. The Board has held various teleconference emergency and executive meetings to deal with ongoing HOA business and the pandemic. There are President’s Reports and Management Notices on the website (ipcca-, which summarize developments (status of Lifestyle Center (LSC) facilities, emergency rules, HOA contracts and business plans, etc.). We will continue to post this information as promptly as possible – please check the sites for the latest information. We plan to monitor developments and will make appropriate changes as conditions warrant. Also, go to the Documents tab at the top of the first page of the IPCCA website, click that and it will take you to that page where you will see Board Meeting Minutes which contain a great deal of information for you to read.

We are having a relatively short business meeting today. Many issues have been taken care of in the emergency and executive meetings mentioned above and we also want to leave plenty of time for the Homeowners Forum – it has been a while since we had one and the Board is anxious to know what our residents’ concerns are.

There are technical limitations on how we need to conduct this meeting and how to participate from home. We will only have audio for the Board, PPM participants, and Committee chairs during the business part of the meeting, but we will open up audio to homeowners during the Homeowners’ Forum. Shelly will be giving us information on these procedures so that we can make the most of this meeting.

Thanks to everyone for their support and cooperation during this unusual time. I understand things are going reasonably well at the courts and pools, although we have had some complaints from members who are uncomfortable when others are present who do not wear face coverings, keep appropriate social distance, and so on. WE WANT ANY MEMBERS OR STAFF WHO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE OR UNSAFE TO LEAVE THE AREA RIGHT AWAY. Advise management later of your concerns and we will do what we can to rectify the problem. We do not expect anyone to have face-to-face confrontations with those who are not following health guidelines – it may be unsafe. If members want to ask others to follow the protocols, it is up to them – however, staff has been instructed not to “police” behavior in this regard and to stay a safe distant from members as they choose. I want to remind everyone they need to take responsibility for their own health and safety and respect the rights of others – sanitize anything you plan to touch when you arrive and anything you have touched when you leave, wear a face covering if practical to protect others, keep at least 6 feet apart, wash hands with soap and water, etc. We have many elderly residents and people with compromised health conditions – please do whatever you can to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others.

There have been some inquiries about possibly “refunding” LSC dues in light of the recent closures. Please know we are continuing to monitor the financials for the LSC. Check the President’s Report dated 4/23/2020 on for comments on this issue. Remember that most LSC expenses continue whether we are open or not (utilities, insurance, landscaping, accounting, taxes, legal, maintenance, property management, etc.). The LSC is not a for-profit

operation where the users are customers purchasing certain specified services. Members, for the most part, are the owners of the LSC who get to use the facility. If dues are returned, owners are paying themselves with their own funds. (Certain short-term fee members are somewhat different.) We will continue to consider the question of dues refunds as the effects of the virus on the LSC become clearer.

A few business notes:

  • We expect the Fields 3 Lake repair and rebuild to begin this summer.
  • We are continuing to develop the mobile app & a new more modern website for IPCCA. Thank you Lynn Bremner and Joanie Thomson.
  • We expect IPCA to begin handling maintenance of IPCCA exterior areas starting June 1, 2020, and look forward to coordinating with them on this issue.
  • We will do our usual “summer maintenance” projects (painting walls and utility boxes, checking roofs, etc.) – check the website for details on this as specific projects are planned.
  • The bidding process for the LSC pool bathroom continues.

    Our next meeting will be on June 16, 2020, same time and venue. We are then “dark” in July and August.