Dear friends and neighbors,

As I have ended my term as president of our HOA, I thought to present my State of the Community.  I’ll start by applauding the efforts and accomplishments of this board and PPM, our management company. Volunteers of their time, your board has acted decisively on behalf of homeowners.  Each member brings life experience, a good heart, and sound decision making.  Some examples: The Rules and Regulations of the community have been revised/updated – considering both input from homeowners and the laws of the city of Indio.  It’s a strong document that we can be proud of.  This board has addressed “quality of life” issues, from barking dogs to the proper disposal of trash.  Regarding short term rentals (STRs), I think those owners understand that though we are a welcoming community, we insist on enforcement of our rules.  Also, I must credit this community’s master board, IPMA, for their efforts regarding our ever-improving security.  Currently, the Lifestyle Center (LSC) has undergone a facelift that will please many.  Lastly, we continue to rebuild our common area lakes – next up is Enchantment, off Redford Way.  My message is that there’s a lot of good going on.  Moving forward, we must work to keep Indian Palms prosperous and work together to respect each other and our positions in making this community the best it can be, that includes our management team.  I’d ask all of us to look for ways to “chip in.”  It’s not just about running for the board, which is important, but about being proactive every day.  If you note an incident contrary to our rules, document it and report it. If you feel strongly about an issue, attend (via Zoom) board meetings and speak at the homeowners’ forum.  In closing, it was an honor, and fun, to serve.  This was the first time I was president of anything, I liked it.

Thank you, Matt Cutugno