3.23.20 Homeowners:

Disappointment about the pool closure is understandable. Pool access is one of the treasured recreation activities we usually enjoy year round in the desert. It is painful to have that access interrupted. These are, however, atypical times and atypical circumstances. Pool and spa water have not posed a danger, as The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports the chlorine content of pool/spa water kills the coronavirus.

The Board acted to close the pool areas because:


Touching any surface has become dangerous in the era of the new coronavirus. Fingers may pick up the microbe leading to COVID-19 infection. Coughing, sneezing and expelling water from the mouth are just a few ways to leave virus microbes on pool area surfaces. Touching any of those surfaces could result in virus transmission at any time between cleanings.

While reports state regular flu viruses are active on surfaces up to 48 hours and are killed by 75 degree heat, in the case of coronavirus, higher heat and humidity helps it to stay active longer. The exact threshold temperature to deactivate COVID-19 is still unknown. Previous published studies describe coronaviruses in general lasting as long as 9 days on surfaces.

Advice was received that closing access to HOA pools and spas has become best practice in HOA communities in the Coachella Valley. Other HOAs are closing off their pools and spas to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Acting proactively will prevent our HOA from being liable for damages from any accusation of negligence if we now do all we can to preserve a safe and healthy environment for all.




If we err, we err on the side of caution for the welfare of our owner families and guests. We share owner interest in returning to normal opportunities to interact in a relaxed, unrestricted way as soon as the need for caution has passed.

Be well and safe! Board of Directors – IPCCA