As you may be aware, the IPCCA Board has undertaken a few upgrades at the Lifestyle Center (LSC) of late and most are complete. Part of the past 4-year strategic plan (and saving for it) has been to build restrooms in the LSC pool area. This is currently underway, if you visit the center, you will see the building has been erected and construction continues. The projected completion is August 2023. For all the away owners, this will be a nice amenity to come back to and the board is very excited to see the completion of it.

Part of the plan that is not complete, is to paint and repair the LSC pool wrought iron and columns (to match the colors of the newly painted exterior wall) and the gym building. Currently the painters are prepping the gym building for painting and the project will take about two weeks to complete. Please try to avoid their work areas so we can make sure this gets done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Once the restrooms are done, then the painters will do the rest of the painting as mentioned above. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Shelly at PPM, sruegsegger@ppminternet.com or 760-325-9500.

Thank you,

Lynn Schaan
IPCCA Board President