December 7, 2021 @ 6pm

Hangar 19

Raul Cabada (HOA 1), Robyn Clever (HOA 2), Jerry Tack (HOA 5), Joe Hilton (HOA 7), Richard Johnson (HOA 9), Cam Gaudet (HOA 12), Vicki Pein (HOA 15), Sandra Curtis (HOA 15), Jack Brown (4700), Elke Botta (IPCCA), Ken Kempka (HOA 18), Samantha Abraham (Resort), Marne McCluskey (IPCA Liaison)

Welcome and Opening Remarks
The agenda underscores the theme of communication in this advisory group.
Meeting participants introduced themselves and their organization.

IPAC Email List
Members signed in and ensured their contact information was correct.

November Minutes
Jerry Tack moved to accept the November minutes as presented. Ken Kempka seconded the motion. Approved.

IPCA Update
1. Monroe Gate Area Improvements
The restoration of the Monroe Gate area has begun. The area from Monroe to Eisenhower along the meridian received the first wave of improvements. Two palm trees will be replaced. Annual flowers will also be added to the end points. The main front pond has been cleaned, leaks repaired, and pumps replaced. The corner of Monroe and 48th has had an initial clearing. All trees and shrubs except palm trees have been removed. Palm trees were trimmed and will form a dramatic backdrop for the corner. Repairs are needed for the irrigation system and lighting. Other improvements are planned. Many improvements will occur over the next six months.
2. Other Issues Currently Before the IPCA Board
Security remains an important focus of the Board. IPCA has and continues to research best practices for community security including License Recognition software and IPCCA’s security efforts.
3. Preview December’s IPCA Board Update to Residents
IPCA provided a draft of an update to residents they will be sending to all Indian Palms residents.

Community Issues for Discussion
1. Perimeter Wall Color Options
IPCA presented four color schemes for the perimeter of Indian Palms. After discussion ranging from the rationale for choosing the palette schemes (consistency and cost efficiency) to cost effectiveness, the group chose theme #2. Theme #1 was a runner-up.
2. Security – Appropriate Levels of Security
IPCA provides access security only – though residents may assume otherwise. If Indian Palms wants true security, it will need to make changes. IPCA has begun a process to review all aspects of the current security infrastructure. Security infrastructure includes 1) security provided by security contractors at the front gate and property patrols, and 2) technology we use at gates including transponder readers, video cameras, etc. IPCA is consulting experts to upgrade security including License Recognition vendors. Feedback was requested and received.

IPCA needs to update security technology. The Board is researching effective solutions. Possible options are cost effective and will address many issues that concern residents regarding how residents will react to change.

If we want security, we will have additional costs. The group was asked if the community would embrace this level of support. IPAC member responses were positive that if the change is well communicated, user friendly, and if any required transponders are available onsite, residents will accept the change. It was also noted that while some residents welcome the changes and are more than willing to pay more dues, some are not because they have tight budgets.

3. Traffic Violations
An IPAC member advises that the Indio Chief of Police says it is illegal to hire individuals to issue traffic tickets. IPAC members shared their frustration and suggestions regarding ways to address this important issue. There is a significant speed problem on Eisenhower despite speed bumps.

IPCA shared that they have been exploring ways to ensure traffic enforcement. Options include adding more responsibilities to Allied Universal, having a universal 25mph speed, and using technology to assist. Feedback was requested and received.

Mission Statement
Participants brainstormed elements of the Indian Palms Advisory Council Mission Statement. Themes included providing a voice to individual HOA’s, identifying that it is a committee of the Master Association (IPCA), being transparent, improving the quality of life in Indian Palms, resolution of issues, beautification, and building community. Based on this feedback, a draft mission statement will be provided at the next meeting.

Frequency of Meetings
Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, January 12th @ 6pm. Location: Hangar 19
Respectfully submitted, Marne McCluskey