Indian Palms Master Association is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a major upgrade of our access security technology. This comes after over a year of research and planning. The installation will take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

As part of the upgrade, we will be introducing two new partners, Proptia, a California based company that specializes in “state of the art” residential access control systems and Camera Access Technologies, a local contractor who will install and help us maintain the Proptia system.

What does this mean for the community?

By upgrading our access hardware and software we will have a more robust system that includes more versatile transponders and license plate recognition (LPR) technology. The LPR technology will allow us to have tighter control over which vehicles enter and exit the property. It will also automate vehicle traffic coming in the Monroe gate, allowing the security staff to process vehicles more quickly and accurately. We are also updating the mobile phone access to give us tighter integrations with our main security access data. (The current system operates independently which makes it difficult to identify security issues.)

What does this mean for residents?

For vehicles with mounted transponders, the transition should be seamless – the Proptia system will read those existing transponders. For those using mobile phone access, we will be emailing a link so that you can download and utilize a new phone app. Please note that the link to update the phone app may be delayed for a week or so while we install new reader equipment.

The biggest change for most residents is that we will be using a new software package to enter and update our guest information. Access to that software will be through our new website at

Will the switch over be seamless?

We recognize that in spite of all our planning, a project of this size can yield some unexpected surprises. We are asking for your understanding as we work through any issues, should they arise. If you encounter any issues, please email us at

In Closing

The Board of IPMA believes this a major step forward in improving the security throughout Indian Palms and we will continue to provide updates as the project moves forward. Thank you.

The Board of IPMA