During the festivals you will need a IPCA approved sticker on the inside of your vehicle to access the Avenue 50th gate.  There will be a security checkpoint at Jackson and Avenue 50 and any vehicle without an approved sticker will be turned away.

To get your Avenue 50 Gate Access sticker visit the temporary security station in the Hotel parking lot starting this Thursday April 7th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day through April 13th.  No appointment is necessary, just drop by and the sticker will be installed.

This is a trial approved by the City of Indio and the Board wants things to go well so we can potentially expand the offering in following years.  Here are the sticker guidelines:

1. Stickers will only be applied to vehicles that have a valid car mounted transponder.  Sorry, but mobile access credentials will not be accepted.

2. The vehicle license plate number will be noted on the sticker and that must match the vehicle when passing through the security checkpoint.

3. No stickers will be given out without being attached to a vehicle.  Please do not ask to pick-up a sticker for a friend.

4. The sticker will be valid for the duration of both Coachella festivals and Stagecoach.

5.The sticker access is subject to modification or revocation by the City of Indio.

Thanks for doing your part in making this trial a success that we can build upon.

The Board of IPCA