Use this link to see the PDF with Enclosures: Fields 3 Map Location, Building Plan, Landscape Plan. 

June 8, 2020
Re: Fields 3 Lake Rebuild/Repair Project

Dear Homeowner(s):

The Board of Directors would like to thank all the homeowners in the Fields 3 Lake area
off Lewis Road. Your patience while the Board and Lakes Committee worked on the
emergency repair and rebuild of this water feature is very much appreciated.
To give you some background on this situation, many of our lakes and water features
were built 20+ years ago, and certain pumps, liners, intake lines, valves, etc., are past
their useful life. Reserves have been established for many years to take care of this.
Additionally, a few years ago the Board initiated legal action against the developer and
a number of other entities because of alleged construction defects in the design,
construction and engineering of the various water features, retention basins, and storm
drainage systems commonly owned by the homeowners of our HOA (IPCCA).
Resolution of this legal action took several years, eventually ending in late 2017, with a
substantial monetary settlement to our HOA from the defendants. In 2019, we began
the process of planning for the repair and rebuild of these water features and associated
common areas.

We were planning to begin the project with the Royal Vista, Reflections and
Enchantment Lakes. These were identified as among the most in need of repair, as
well as being of moderate complexity from a technical viewpoint – a good place to start.
Unfortunately, during the initial planning period, the Fields 3 lake system failed,
necessitating immediate drainage of one of the ponds and emergency repairs. Among
other problems, there was major erosion of the hillside around the lake because of
water back up and untenable water flow design. Fields 3, although it is the largest and
most complex of our water feature areas, had to be moved to the top of the list for
needed repair and rebuild. It is the only lake we will be redoing this year.
This project is very complex, and highly specialized contractors are needed to do the
work. Experts are needed to produce designs and specifications so that bids can be
obtained. We reviewed various options to identify professionals whose prices and
shared visions fit our goals. After several meetings and much research, the Board and
Lakes Committee chose Bear Valley Water Features, Inc. as the builder, Green Choice
Design Group as the engineering architect, and LandArq, Inc. as the landscape
architect. We then worked with these firms to determine the final conceptual designs
and plans for the Fields 3 project.

We had planned a town-hall meeting on March 24, 2020, to present the F3 plans to the
community. Representatives of the contractors, management and Board were going to
be available for a question and answer period. This meeting had to be cancelled
because of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule this
event before the project is set to begin this summer.

Communication with our homeowners is very important to all of us. Designs and plans
for this project are enclosed with this letter, and more detailed plans can be found on
the HOA website at Lakes information will be on the IPCCA
mobile app, which we are in the process of building. We have also set up a special
email account,, for homeowners to use for any questions or
comments they may have on Fields 3, now or during construction. This account will be
reviewed by the Lakes Committee and PPM, frequently. Please use this special email
address for any issues you have related to the project. It is not appropriate for residents
to question the contractors or their employees directly. Also, residents should not go
into the actual lake work area during demolition or construction. We suggest that you
cover your outdoor items (furniture, BBQ, etc.) prior to the start of demolition.
Please let any renters or guests know this information. We estimate the project will start
approximately July 1, 2020, and take 3-4 months to complete. We will keep you
updated on the website.

Our lake issues have always been at the forefront of our mandate to protect your
property appearance and values, and we ask that you bear with us during construction.
We know the outcome will be exceptional, with better views, lower maintenance
expense, more efficient water usage, and other positives for the long-term benefit of our

Thank you,

Board of Directors &
IPCCA Lake Committee
Indian Palms Country Club Association

Use this link to see the PDF with Enclosures: Fields 3 Map Location, Building Plan, Landscape Plan.