President’s Message on Coronavirus Emergency – 4/3/20 – IPCCA

I want to thank everyone for their cooperation and positive attitude during this health emergency – our residents, LSC staff, Shelly and Caren and the whole PPM crew. Please know that the regular business of the HOA is being handled – bills are being paid, the landscaping is being done, emergency repairs are being made, and so on. PPM has a very sophisticated communications system – Shelly and Caren are able to answer work calls from home, read and answer emails and access the IPCCA information they need to handle our needs. Things are being handled a little differently these days, but they are being handled!

We have made the changes recommended by the government officials, such as not having regular board meetings, closing the LSC, etc., and will continue to follow all directives by the authorities. The board is able to conduct business via email and teleconference – check our websites (, for updates on board actions, news about future plans, and general information about the community. We also suggest you download the free PPM smart phone app as a tool to communicate with PPM on HOA matters.

PPM and the Board are, as always, here for our residents, and are working hard to ensure the safety and well-being of IPCCA. No one can predict exactly what the future holds on the virus emergency, but meanwhile please stay safe. Call or email Shelly or Caren if you have questions. They will do everything they can to support you.