Welcome, everyone! Thank you for attending. I think the best President’s Reports in these Annual Meetings are probably the shortest reports, so I will make my comments brief! Remember, the past Board reports are on the website at IPCCA-hoa.com.

First, many thanks to Shelly Ruegsegger, our Community Manager, and Julie Balbini, our HOA attorney, for organizing this meeting in these unusual circumstances. Julie is handling the virtual meeting arrangements and hosting the physical counting of the votes at her home, along with Trish Lounsbury, Inspector of Elections, and Danae Patella and Joanie Thompson who are serving as District Delegates. Their help is very much appreciated!

This has been a difficult year for all – everyone has had a lot to deal with, professionally and personally. I am so proud of how our community handled this unusual situation. We have had very few problems and I know our residents had many varied and stressful things to handle during this time.

IPCCA weathered this situation well. We did not suffer many financial issues with our revenues, as has happened in past economic crises. Good news for our residents and the HOA! With Shelly’s help, we handled our regular maintenance issues as well as several special and complicated situations. This all was done while our contractors, from landscapers to maintenance people to lake builders, were operating under difficult conditions along with everyone else. To name just a few of the things accomplished:

• PPM staff, Shelly and her assistant Caren keeping up their excellent level of service while their offices were almost completely closed
• Major rebuild and re-landscape of the Fields 3 Lakes located off of Lewis Road
• Managing all the different and constantly changing public health requirements for operating the LifeStyle Center during the pandemic. Thanks to Helen, the Director, and the LSC staff and LSC Committee for all their work on this.
• Arranging for virtual meetings to replace “in person” meetings
• Improved security – cameras at satellite pools, increased Patrol Masters services, etc.
• And lastly, planning for up-coming 2021 projects such as bathrooms inside the LSC pool area

I also wanted to report on our year end finances as follows:

December 2020, for the LifeStyle Center we had $598,600.58 in the combined Operating and Reserve accounts and for IPCCA, we had a combined total in the Operating and Reserve accounts of $4,591,429.95. We are fiscally healthy, and our reserve accounts are adequately funded.
Now, on to the best parts of the meeting – the Open Forum and the Election results. I hope 2021-2022 is a happy and enjoyable year for all!

Maggie Stern, President, IPCCA Board – 3/30/2021