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 Presidents Report–April 21, 2023

The April 18th Executive board meeting was attended by a full board with Shelly and Nick from PPM present as well.

The board is happy to announcethat the contract has been signed to start the work May 1st on the new bathroom facilitiesinthe Lifestyle Center Pool area with a proposed completion date of August 8th.The decision to save for this project was done by previous boards based on the need as the current facilities are a bit away from the pool and outside the gate. With that situation, there have been accidents in the pool which have cost the HOA money to close the pool for 48 hours for shock treatment. While we do anticipate some disruption to the pool area, we will do our very best to keep that to a minimum. We are confident you will enjoy the new facilities!

The new astroturf area had a proposal for sun sailsbut we feel that we can provide some shade through tree placement at a more cost-effective budget. This area will provide an alternate outdoor location for yoga, tai chi etc. Please note that this area allows for no dogs, in fact the entire Lifestyle Center grounds do not allow dogs so please keep your pets at home.

It is important to note that this board wants to ensure that everyone practices good behavior while enjoying the Lifestyle Center grounds/facilities. Please note there will be no tolerance for abusive language and bad behavior towards our fellow homeowners/renters, staff, management company personnel and security. This board will act on any incidence of this. The rules and regulations were put in place last year for everyone to get the maximum enjoyment out of our IPPCA community. The board continues to work on improving the vetting of the users of the Lifestyle Center and will keep policies in place to make sure this is continued. 

The re-model work on the Enchantment West Lakes by the 50th gate will commence May 1st. If you live on these lakes, you can expect some disruption of your common areaand it won’t be pretty but please have patience because if you have seen the work that has been to the other lakes, they are beautiful. Plans are on the website at They include new lakes (similar footprint), new landscaping and lighting. 

IPPCA will be switching to a new towing company and will be changing the signage at all our entrances to our part of the property as required by law. We will engage in a contract with Plaza Towing for our no street parking from 1-6 am and also will execute a contract with IPMA our Master Association to have them be able to tow for us outside of PM’s hours, if necessary for a violation such as parking in someone else’s driveway or parking by a fire hydrant, for example. 

The IPPCA board is happy to announce that the violation records have been decreasing steadily since the new rules and regulations came into effect last year. Trash still remains the number one issue, but the community is working well in trying to manage this. Thanks to all the homeowners for embracing the rules and regulations and continuing to improve our community. Working together to have effective solutions to any problems within a community is our goal. Please note when taking anissue forward to PPM, they are there to help you solve issue.From the front-end administration, accounting department, and management staff Shelly and Nick,they all deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully. Please remember this when interacting on any issues.

I thank everyone for their support as I take on the new role of your IPCCA president. I look forward to working with this great board and serving the needs and wishes of the homeowners within IPPCA.

Respectfully Yours, 

Lynn Schaan

President of IPCCABoard of Directors