Our HOA is continuing on a positive path in the New Year. Finances are good even in these difficult economic times, our major projects (Fields 3 lake rebuild, LSC pool bathrooms, security enhancements such as increased Patrol Masters presence and satellite pool cameras, and so on) are progressing well. Routine maintenance (fence and gate repair, roof maintenance on common area structures, repainting, etc.) is on schedule. Our new website and phone app have helped improve communication with homeowners. We have had no major problems dealing with the pandemic and the consequent requirements to operate as safely as possible. All in all, a good situation. 

A few things to mention, 

  •  The annual meeting has been postponed until March 30, 2021, in order to make necessary adjustments to conduct the election and other required business with the current limitations on in-person gatherings. Watch the website for more information on this. 
  • Please be sure to email Shelly Ruegsegger, our Senior Community Manager at PPM (sruegsegger@ppminternet.com ) with any requests, questions or problems you have. If we don’t know, we can’t try to fix it! Also, Mark See at PPM who does work orders to the HOAs vendors (msee@ppminternet.com) and Shelly’s assistant, Caren Oliva, (caren@ppminternet.com) who handles architectural applications and violations. For accounting/dues questions, email Jessica Franz (jfranz@ppminternet.com). Terry is who answers the phone at PPM and she can direct you to the appropriate person if you tell her your issue.

In closing, I urge residents to get involved with the HOA. We need people to help with our standing Committees, serve on the Board, and so on. There is often a need for expertise on limited projects like particular construction or maintenance needs, IT assistance, accounting or investment advice, security, etc., so your commitment does not always have to be for a super time-consuming or open-ended obligation. Forms to volunteer are on the website. 

The next meeting is February 16, 2021. 5:00 PM via Zoom. Check the website for meeting details at HOA-IPCCA.com. Website input is always welcome. 

Thanks and stay safe. 

Maggie Stern, President, IPCCA Board – 1/20/21 
For the IPCCA Board of Directors