President’s Comments
4/20/21 Regular Meeting – IPCCA Board

I am happy to report we are now in a more relaxed COVID tier and moving to a more normal state of affairs. I am sure everyone is happy about this and appreciate how the community has come together during this difficult time. It has been stressful for everyone, I know.

The major impacts of COVID relaxations in our HOA are at the Lifestyle Center (LSC) – please check the website ( for updates on changes there (limited gym reopening, streaming spin classes, resumption of the aqua class, etc.). The situation changes over time, so check the website for current information. We want an open and welcoming environment at the LSC and are looking at some options to encourage this – ideas include a possible open house in the late fall when seasonal homeowners return, HOA-sponsored social events (a BBQ?) at the LSC, steps to encourage novice players in court activities, and so on, as well as reviewing guidelines to offer membership options to more homeowners in Indian Palms.

Security and parking continue to be an issue for many homeowners and the Board is reviewing possible additional steps to take in this regard.
Landscape improvements are in progress for common areas near Beatty and Freeman and just inside the 50th gate. The Fields 3 lake rebuild/repair is complete – we will be posting pictures on the website before long and possibly a video tour. We are also continuing with lake repair at other locations this year. As usual, various summer repainting and routine maintenance projects are planned.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone of our zero-tolerance policy about abusive and bullying behavior toward others – staff, landscapers, contractors, other residents, everyone! I am sorry to say we have had some problems in this regard recently and ask all of you to do your part to make IPCCA a congenial and positive community for all.

Maggie Stern – President – IPCCA Board
For the Board of Directors