President’s Report – IPCCA Board Meeting 11/19/19


Thanks to all of you for coming to this meeting. This is our last meeting of 2019 – there is no December meeting – so I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Our next meeting will be January 21, 2020.

A few updates and comments:

  •   The exterior landscape project is progressing – our last areas are the 50th gate entrance and Monroe from 50th to the end of the LSC property. We will have a meeting soon with IPCA to discuss continuing maintenance arrangements after we finish the upgrade. Many thanks to Kitty Kelleher for all her work on this.
  •   We are close to having final plans for the Fields 3 lake repairs – we are only waiting for the electrical component to be determined. When the specs are completed we will get bids and will also have a town hall meeting with interested homeowners to show them what is planned.
  •   We have posted comments on our overnight street parking policy on the IPCCA website (ipcca- We want the community to understand the reasons for our rules. Please remember, the website is a great place to get information on street parking guidelines, including information on how to safe list vehicles for overnight parking passes. This might be important during the holidays when many of you have visitors. We plan similar street parking enforcement holidays as last year for the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s periods. Details on parking enforcement seasonal changes can be found on the website.
  •   Various Lifestyle Center projects are underway or completed: Court resurfacing (bocce, tennis and pickle ball) is complete for this season. There is some minor tweaking to be done on Court 2 (pickle ball), but that has been postponed until next summer so that the court will be available for play during the high season. Regular maintenance on the pool is complete, and the aerobics room floor has been replaced and the room painted – it looks much better and we are glad to see the last of the old (splintery) wood floor. We will be discussing plans for the new pool area bathrooms in the regular meeting.
  •   As mentioned at the last meeting, the Board visited the new Gallery Homes site near Beatty to look at the common area, particularly the retention basin informally known as The Pit. The Board had several concerns with this basin, and these have been forwarded to the developers via a letter from our legal counsel. More on this as we get more information.
  •   Just a short word about our rules. They are for the good of the whole community and the goal is to have a safe and pleasant residential area for all residents. Some people like rules, some do not – there are plusses and minuses; but if you can’t stand rules, you probably shouldn’t be living in an HOA because HOAs have rules that homeowners agree to when they purchase their property. Visible trash in the front yard, excessive noise, barking dogs, and purple houses painted without approval, letting your dogs do their business on your neighbor’s newly reseeded lawn, cars parked on the grass, etc. – these things are not fair to others and diminish property values for all. If you have a complaint, the best way to handle it is to email Caren at PPM ( In the meantime, please try to follow the rules yourself and make sure your guests and tenants do so as well. The Rules, including a one-page summary suitable for giving to guests and tenants, are available on the website.

    Thanks again and have a great Holiday season. See you next year.