President’s Report – IPCCA – March 24, 2020

Our March board meeting was cancelled because of the “stay at home” directive of our Governor and public health authorities in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We had originally hoped to have a telephone “listen in” meeting using PPM’s conference call telephone system, but that is not possible with work place gatherings being restricted as well. The board is working via email in order to handle essential HOA business and will post updates on the website as warranted. Please email Shelly or Caren at PPM with any comments or questions you have – they will make sure to respond or pass on to the board if needed.

There have been major changes because of the coronavirus emergency:

  •   All LSC venues (courts, pool, gym) are closed at this time. All classes are cancelled.
  •   The satellite pools are closed until further notice.
  •   The Town Hall meeting on the Fields 3 Lake project scheduled for March 24, 2020, hasbeen cancelled.
  •   Check the HOA and LSC websites ( and for continuinginformation, including plans for future board meetings.
  •   Architectural and Landscape review of exterior change applications will continue to theextent possible. Please scan new applications and submit to Caren at PPM via email – this will result in the quickest processing. If you cannot do this, mail them to PPM, attention Caren Oliva, and she will collect them periodically and forward them on to the A&L volunteers. Limit these requests as much as possible at this time. We hope the work of the other committees (Rules, LSC, Lakes, Maintenance, Communications) will be able to continue on a limited basis. Please help by following the rules of the community and reducing the need for enforcement activities. Everyone has a lot on their plate now!
  •   PPM has asked all staff to work from home to the extent possible. They have a very advanced communications system and Shelly and Caren are able to read emails, hear voicemails, answer work telephone calls, etc., from home. They will do everything they can to be responsive to our homeowners during this unusual time. The emergency maintenance response system is continuing. Use your PPM App (see information below in the Communications Committee information) if possible.
  •   The April music festivals have been cancelled, hopefully to be rescheduled in October.We know that these changes are difficult and appreciate your cooperation. We have had questions about whether closing the LSC and pools is really necessary, particularly if people keep their distance from one another while using them. A major directive is to not have group gatherings at this time and to stay at home unless you are providing essential services. There is more to keeping facilities open than just allowing users on site – pool water has to be tested and treated and filters cleaned (this will still be done on a limited basis for water quality reasons, but it needs to be done more often with increase in use), bathrooms scrubbed, courts blown off, staff needs to be available for any problems, etc. We urge you to exercise and keep fit during this time – we will all have to find ways to do this which do not involve group gatherings and using communal facilities. Keeping gym and sports facilities open does not fall under the “essential services” exemption allowed.

 The Annual Meeting was on 2/25/20. We had a quorum and the following people were elected to the Board:

o Rod Garcia was elected as a new member

o Sandy Stewart and I (Maggie Stern) were reelected to the Board
Thanks to all who voted and participated in the process, especially the volunteers who acted as district delegates (Brent Rufenacht, Fred Trujillo, Dean Salcido and Joanie Thomson) and inspectors of elections (Danae Patella, Trish Lounsbury, and Phil Palermo), as well as Shelly Ruegsegger and Caren Oliva from PPM, and Julie Balbini from our legal firm.

  •   We are progressing on our initiative to improve communications with the community. Lynn Bremner and Joanie Thomson are working on the Communications Committee. We are in the process of developing a mobile phone app and upgrading the HOA and LSC websites. I urge all of you to also check out the PPM app that is now available. Go to the App Store on your smart phone and search for Personalized Property Management.
  •   Summer is fast approaching. This is when we schedule many routine maintenance projects – painting and touch up of common area elements. We hope our usual maintenance routine is still possible this year. Again, we will post information on anticipated projects on the website.
  •   The exterior landscape improvements are virtually completed, although we may add some more bougainvillea vines on the Jackson wall as a wall-jumping deterrent and to better the appearance of the wall. We are very pleased with what has been done and are in talks with IPCA about coordinating responsibility for maintenance of this area.AGAIN, THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR DOING WHAT YOU CAN TO STOP THE SPREAD OF THIS VIRUS. STAY HOME IF POSSIBLE, BE SAFE, WASH HANDS, LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER, ETC. WE CANNOT PREDICT HOW LONG THE EMERGENCY WILL LAST, BUT I THINK THE MORE EACH OF US DOES NOW TO CONTAIN THIS, THE SOONER WE WILL BE ABLE TO RETURN TO NORMAL. WE HAVE MANY ELDERLY AND VULNERABLE RESIDENTS, SO WE WANT TO ERR ON THE SIDE OF DOING TOO MUCH VERSUS DOING TOO LITTLE TO PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY.

    THE NEXT REGULAR MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 21, 2020. Check the website for specific information on how this will be handled.