We are improving Indian Palms security and need your help…
Yesterday the guardhouse renovation was completed, and the security team was operating from the updated facility.

Why are we asking for your help?
Since the installation of the new security technology, we have been examining our entry data and discovered an alarming fact – we have an unacceptable number of undocumented vehicle entries every day.  That was hard evidence that reinforced a popular belief that Indian Palms’ security was minimally effective at best.

In December, we experienced a rash of vandalism that occurred systematically over a three-week period. Working with our new technology and the Indio Police Department, we identified the perpetrators and determined that they gained entry into the community because they were not appropriately verified before they were granted entry into Indian Palms.

The IPMA Board has been listening to the community’s request to improve security and has identified this as an area where we can fix things.

So, while we completed the guardhouse renovation, we hardwired the gates so that the guards can no longer override the security systems and every guest must be verified before they are allowed entry.  We have worked with the Hotel and the timeshare enterprises to make sure their guests are in our guest management system (Proptia).  Visitors can no longer come to the gate and declare that they are “staying at the hotel” and expect entry unless they are registered. Golfers are verified and need to provide their identity and tee times. Vendors and resident guests must be verified, or they will be denied entry.

We anticipate that in the short-term this will cause back-ups at the Monroe gate as visitors adjust to these new procedures.

What can you do to help?
There are a number of things that residents can do to make the process more efficient:

  1. Please register your guests in Proptia at IndianPalmsMA.com under Guest Management. That speeds up the verification process at the gate.
  2. Obtain a transponder. The Board reduced the price of transponders, and they can now be installed at the guardhouse so they are more affordable and convenient to obtain.
  3. If you have a transponder, please use the other gates during peak traffic times.

We are taking security seriously and will continue to monitor activity at the Monroe Gate.

Thank-you for your help and support.
The IPMA Board