For years, transponder access into Indian Palms has been a topic of discussion.  Why are transponders so expensive? Why do I need to drive to Rancho Mirage to have a transponder installed?  The Board of IPMA has listened to those comments and is pleased to announce changes to the Indian Palms Transponder Access Program.

Many homeowners and qualified tenants chose not to purchase a transponder because of the cost. That has now changed.  Effective immediately, the cost for a transponder (vehicle mounted or mobile phone) has been reduced to $25.  That should encourage more homeowners and qualified tenants to participate in the transponder program and ultimately help to reduce traffic backups at the Monroe Street gate.

You will also no longer need to drive off-property to have a transponder installed.  IPMA has trained our security staff to install transponders at the Monroe gate.  Beginning November 1st, all you need to do is apply for a transponder by using the application on our website at  You will then receive a call to schedule a meeting with our security staff to install the transponder at the Monroe guardhouse.

There are additional details to share about our new transponder program, so please visit our website at for more information.

We are listening…
The Board of IPMA