Here is a summary of Festival gate access for Indian Palms:

Monroe Gate:  This will be the only gate for non-transponder entry into the community. It will also be the only gate that has security staff in attendance. IPMA has installed an extra workstation, so we will be capable of processing twice the traffic through this gate.  During peak festival hours the “transponder only” lane will be converted to allow general guest and paper pass access. If you have a transponder or a mobile phone credential, please avoid using the Monroe gate.

Heifitz and Jackson Street Gates:  These gates will operate as usual without any security officers to assist with entry.  Entry must be via transponder or mobile phone credentials.

Avenue 50 Gate: Access to this gate will be restricted by the Indio Police Department. You will be allowed to pass through the IPD checkpoint at Jackson Street to access this gate if you have an IPCA approved Avenue 50 Gate Access sticker. If you do not have a sticker and wish to use the Avenue 50th gate and you have a vehicle mounted transponder, please see the security officers at the Monroe guardhouse where they will install a sticker on your vehicle.