Common Area Maintenance Request

Report a Maintenance Issue
Be specific when reporting a problem – things will get fixed more quickly if you say “there is a broken street light in front of 12345 Odlum, light pole number XXXX,” vs. “there is a broken street light on Odlum.”  If there is an urgent maintenance problem (broken sprinkler head, an overflowing water feature, a growing pothole), 24-hour line right away.   If there is a true emergency (gas leak, fire, dangerous sinkhole, boken water main), call 911 or the appropriate utility immediately.

If you require a work order for maintenance by one of the IPCCA/HOAs Vendors, please contact Mark See.

Mark See
Maintenance Manager
Personalized Property Management
Tel 760-325-9500

For after hours emergencies, please call PPM’s answering service at 760-325-9500. Hit 1 and an operator will assist you by paging the appropriate HOA vendor.

Common Area Maintenance

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