As we gear up for the excitement of the upcoming Festival weekends and Stagecoach, we want to ensure that everyone is informed about the necessary adjustments to our security procedures to manage the expected increase in traffic and occupancy within our community. Please take note of the following changes:

Gate Operations:

  • During peak times, the Monroe gate will utilize both entrance lanes for processing visitor traffic. If you possess a transponder or mobile credential, we would urge you to utilize one of the alternate gates.
  • For residents hosting visitors, please register their license plates in Proptia and direct them to enter through the Avenue 48 and Jackson gates using the AGE system..

Avenue 50 Access Restrictions:

  • During peak festival times, Avenue 50 will be restricted between Jackson and Monroe.
  • Vehicles with a vehicle-mounted transponder must also display an IPMA-issued sticker on the inside of the front windshield (passenger side) to access the Avenue 50 gate. Note that other Indian Palms vehicles attempting to access Avenue 50 may be redirected. Details on obtaining a sticker pass will be announced later this week.

Enhanced Security Measures:

  • IPMA will be deploying additional security patrols throughout the festival weekends.
  • If you observe a situation where Indian Palms’ security personnel can assist, please contact the guardhouse at 760-863-4161. For medical emergencies or if you are witnessing a crime, please dial 911. For all other inquiries, refer to the call worksheet distributed last week or access it by clicking here.

Your safety and enjoyment during this festive period are our top priorities. Let’s make these weekends memorable for our guests while ensuring the well-being of our community.

The Board of IPMA